Hello!  And welcome to “this little piggy loves…”

My name is Joelene and I am the hungry little piggy and mother to my two-year old son the hungry little piglet.

I am an Australian girl, with a Croatian heritage –  I love food and all things related. I see no point in eating something that is not delicious.  What a waste!  And it makes me cranky when I have wasted good stomach space and calories on food that is only meh.

Now I am not saying that every meal needs to be an elaborate concoction of rare ingredients sourced from the crevices of Mt. Aconcagua.  Far from it!  More often than not the food I love the most is very simple – simple flavours, simple ingredients and quick and easy to make.  That’s one thing you should know about this little piggy, patience is unfortunately not one of my natural virtues.  So when I set out to cook something delicious, I rarely indulge any three-hour recipe and opt instead for prep and cook in one.

One other thing of note – perhaps the most important of them all – is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE piggy products.  I suspect it was growing up with Croatian parents and having a whole leg of smoked prosciutto hanging in our garage and eating it for breakfast, that set off the piggy love affair.  But like Homer Simpson, I am astounded that bacon, crackling, prosciutto, chorizo, pancetta, jamon, ham and pork belly, all come from the one magic animal.  Wow wee.

There are many more things I love; wine, cheese, potatoes, vinegar (I drink the stuff!), lamb, salmon, legumes, olives, pickled things (onions, cucumbers, sauerkraut) and the list goes on.  But nothing quite tops the pig!

So here at my blog,  I see myself posting all sorts of things food related.  I am not sure where my hungry tummy will end up taking me, but it will do its best to devour the culinary delights Melbourne has to offer.

Hope you enjoy!

Remember, there’s no point if it’s not delicious.

this little piggy xxx


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