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Piggy ingenuity…

18 Apr

Strolling through Whole Foods the other day, my most favourite supermarket in the world, I came across an amazing phenomenon… get ready for it… some of you may want to sit down…

Dark chocolate with…BACON!!!

Could this be the greatest day of my life?  Did chocolate/bacon angels hear my prayer?  Has my world been altered forever?  Yes, yes and yes!

Chocolate/bacon sensation

Unwrapped chocolate/bacon sensation

The little specks visible in the chocolate are the tiny-iny miniscule bacon bits.  The bacon bits really serve as a little kick of salt against the sweetness of the chocolate, in that salted caramel kind of way.  And it works a treat.  It’s not dissimilar to Lindt’s Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt.  However, if I am being completely honest, Lindt still has the better tasting chocolate component, now they just need to work on getting the bacon in there.

My fat, little pink friends were looking out for me on this particular day, because I also found the cutest chopping/cheese board in the world!  On the same day!  In the same supermarket!  What had I done to deserve this bottomless well of luck?!

Cutest chopping board EVER! $20 Whole Foods


Till next time…

this little piggy…xxx

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