Comfort food…

15 Mar

Whenever I feel a little ho-hum, I always crave food that is comforting.  And for me, that usually involves some form of potatoes and in yesterday’s instance, schnitzel.

Whenever I decide to make schnitzel, this usually involves a phone call to my mum, because for the life of me I always forget the crumbing order of things.  But yesterday I remembered!  Hooray!

So this is my easy peasy turn-that-frown-upside-down schnitzel:


Skinless chicken breasts cut into strips

1.5 cup x flour

1.5 cup x bread crumbs

2 x eggs

Olive oil


Cracked pepper

1 x lemon, cut into wedges



1) Throw chicken strips into a bowl, season thoroughly with salt & pepper and toss to coat








2) You need a little bit of bench space, and set up a work station consisting of four plates: one with flour, one with eggs (beaten with a fork), one with bread crumbs and an empty plate for the finished product.






















3) Take one piece of chicken at a time, and do the following: roll it in flour, dip it in egg, then roll it in bread crumbs








4) Cover a non stick frying pan with a thin layer of olive oil and heat over a medium flame until hot.

5) Place chicken in frying pan and cook roughly 7 mins each side

6) Once cooked, take chicken out of pan and place on kitchen paper to drain.

7) Serve schnitzel with lemon wedges



I love a simple, peasant style potato, and  I literally do nothing other than what’s listed below.


Small potatoes (skin on)

Olive Oil


Cracked pepper



1) Wash the potatoes

2) In a small pot, bring water to boil

3) Cut potatoes into small 3cm chunks

4) Place cut potatoes into boiling water and close lid

5) Cook for 10 mins or until desired softness is reached

6) Strain potatoes, shaking them in the strainer to break them up a bit and then place in a bowl

7) Season with good quality olive oil, salt & pepper








I also accompanied all of the above with a salad of baby spinach, cucumber, tomato and capsicum, that needs no explaining… but you could do whatever kind of salad you wanted… I am just a die-hard fan of baby spinach!

And the final result….. ta da!



Till next time,

this little piggy…xxx



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