A good pork chop…

8 Nov

On Friday night just gone, on what was an unusually cold night in Los Angeles, Sam and I found ourselves rugged up and excited to be heading out to dine in the big wide world.  Our most favourite thing to do!  However in one fell swoop, the pep in our step vanished as we were confronted with the all-too-common-and-all-too-heartbreaking news that the restaurant of our choice had a two hour wait!  And that was just to sit at the bar!

We left our phone number with the hostess at the door and watched forlornly as she scribbled it down in the margin of her notebook.  Never a good sign when the digits are illegible and in the handwritten equivalent of 3 point font.  Cold and hungry, not a good combination, we set about walking the street in the vague hope of finding somewhere else to eat.  Things were not looking good.

These were the stats:

– The car was parked (anyone in L.A. knows this is no small feat!)

– We had a comedy show to attend in two and a half hours.

– The car was parked strategically between the two-hour-wait-restaurant-of-choice and the theatre.

What to do?

And then, there is no other way to put it, just as we were about to fall into pits of despair….we were saved!  The food Gods were looking down on us, their faithful disciples, and presented us a tavern… Rosewood Tavern.  A neighbourhood steakhouse.  Sam and I were sold and sold.

And wow wee.

Rosewood Tavern is everything the modern day meat lover dreams a steakhouse should be – unpretentious, rustic yet stylish and with a cracking steak, beer and scotch menu.

Of course being the little piggy that I am, I couldn’t go past the pork chop.  And seriously it was the pork chop of my life!  Charred and cooked to medium-well perfection.  I was literally mmming after every bite.


Bestest pork chop ever! $20


Sam on the other hand, went the 12 oz ribeye steak, cooked medium-rare.  He too was mmming.

Ribeye steak goodness, $25


As pictured, all of the steaks and chops on the menu are served as is – with no sides or accompaniments.  Just a simple butter and garlic sauce.  And an enormous pirate knife!

So to round out the meal, we ordered two delicious sides and upon tasting, began high-fiving ourselves over the spot-on-ness of our decision making.  The charred brussel sprouts with bacon were sensational!  As were the puy lentils with caramelised onions.

Brussel sprouts with bacon, $6


Lentils with caramelised onions, $6


For those not a fan of red meat, there are fish options in the way of steamed mussels, pan roasted salmon and a saffron risotto with asparagus and peas.  All of which I have no doubt would be delicious.  But if we’re keeping it real here, it’s all about the meat and how it is cooked.  Charred and cooked to exact order.  There is clearly no guess work going on here, the gang at the Rosewood know how to cook a steak to your liking.

For Sam and I, it was just such a great dining experience.  Had we not had a show to go to, we would have stayed longer.  Sam was keen to put in the hard yards and “investigate” their extensive scotch menu (something like 50 odd scotches ) and their beer tasting plate (“Flight of Beers” – four beers, $13), but alas a comedy show beckoned and we had to limit our detective work for the evening to only two scotches and a couple of frangelico’s.  But we will return.

That night two little piggies left with very happy tummies, a resurgence in their appreciation of all things charred and a renewed faith in the food gods.  Tick, tick and tick.  All is right in the world.

Till next time,

this little piggy xxx




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