Vampire pumpkins…

30 Oct

So today saw Sam and I attend our first ever Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party!

It was a labour of love from the beginning.  A trip to the supermarket saw us agonise over which pumpkin to get – What was the best size?  Shape?  Too orange?  Not orange enough?  Tough questions for two novice pumpkin carvers like ourselves!

Finally, after settling on what we thought was the best pumpkin and not knowing what to expect, we came to our shin dig very well prepared (thanks to Sam’s art department background and my virgo-ness).  Armed with a stanley knife, a leatherman, a kitchen knife and three different sized spoons, we sat down and got to work.  Well, Sam got to work while I watched and cheered him on.

We very quickly decided that our pumpkin actually harboured a deep-seated desire to be a vampire – so it was out with the Jack, and in with the Eric.

And here it is!  The making of…. Eric the Vampire Pumpkin!

Cutting his brain

Opening up his brain

Revealing his brain guts

Getting rid of his brain guts

Working on an eyeball

All carved! Introducing Eric the Vampire Pumpkin!

Family portrait

Eric at home - keeping watch by the front door

Happy Halloween y’all!

this little piggy xxx


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